WZ020 Retro Seventies Hotpants or Shorts
Vintage Crochet PDF Pattern 00020


CROCHET: Four variations on some cute retro seventies crocheted shorts, or hotpants as they were known. This look is very eye-catching; just what you need to stop you overheating this summer. (Although perhaps not so good for onlookers’ temperatures!)

The pattern is one from the excellent “Barbara Warner” designer  range which were very clear; innovative and intuitive, being worked down from the top or waistband.

Therefore altering the length is easy; very short shorts… or lace Bermudas anyone?

Two designs are made almost the same, in very simple stitches; just “trebles” (DC in USA) which give a denser crochet fabric; worn straight or rolled into a cuff. The other two are in different lace patterns, also easy but so pretty! The shell patterns are similar to crochet-but one in offset groups gives an all over lace effect-the other has the shell groups arranged to give lace stripes.