The pattern collection is currently divided into 4 main groups or “shops”; 

WonkyZebra for adult clothes

ToyPatternLand for toys

WonkyZebraBaby for baby items and children's clothing

Home & Bazaar for home things like blankets, cushions tea cosies etc.

WonkyZebra is my collection of vintage patterns (well, some of it); mainly crochet and knitting with some sewing.

I have concentrated on crochet as it is my first love, from about seven years old, although I also knit and sew too.

When I started WonkyZebra 10 years ago, the current revival of crochet was in its infancy and my vintage crochet patterns from the sixties and seventies were exactly the kind of patterns people were looking for; stylish and fresh looking, despite being 50 years old!

Of course there are now a lot of new designers creating beautiful patterns but I still have a good selection of lovely designs that are pretty, easy to make and still very wearable. I am also always happy to answer queries about the patterns and I do the best I can to make the purchased PDFs pleasant to use. I want to pass on some of the enjoyment, and tips, I have had with a lifetime of making things.

I do sometimes sell originals - but I prefer to keep them in my hoard! Therefore I make high resolution PDFs from them so they can be used and enjoyed without me parting with them.



What happens after purchase?

I send the Pattern PDFs as emails with attached files, directly to your email inbox.

I use the email address you have given to PayPal so PLEASE check it is accurate and one you actually still use, as I have no other way to contact you!  (However I can include an alternative email address, if you ask when purchasing.)

I write and send the emails myself; and I always send the purchase as soon as I can, often immediately (but please be aware that emails are not actually instant and the up and down via the internet can actually take 10-20 minutes).

Also sometimes I am asleep in my UK time zone - and occasionally I may be out away from the internet for a few hours… WonkyZebra likes a walk – and has to eat!


Please note: unless specifically requested and arranged in advance the patterns are emailed. They are NOT posted as printed pages in the mail.


What happens if it doesn’t arrive or I lose it?

Bearing in mind the above info - in general please allow an hour or two before worrying - although you should normally have it quicker than that.

Sometimes poor WonkyZebra email gets diverted to a spam or junk folder… so please check there too.

However, if you have not received a PDF within 12 hours, please do email me and chase it, as I would have usually sent it within that time. Please remember I only have your email address to contact you at, which is why it is important it is accurate.

I can always resend it if there is a glitch in the process.

I do strongly suggest you save the files somewhere other than just the email inbox.

However if you lose a PDF pattern file I will be happy to replace it for you anytime. Just email me with the pattern number (mine, not the pattern house one please) and the purchase date if possible (to speed things up).


About the PDF patterns;

They are set out on UK A4 size pages, numbered and as printer / reading friendly as I can make them.

Obviously the original printed patterns were usable but print technology is better - and expectations higher - nowadays.

I only have the original photo images to work with, although some can be enhanced for a little more clarity. Usually there is only one original image.

Some vintage / old patterns are written in a different style to modern patterns - very old ones can be very basic. Sometimes the language is hilariously outmoded, or it can sound quite patronising (or even offensive in the case of some toys!). However WonkyZebra versions are reworked where it is needed, so they read and flow much better as you crochet or knit from them. It can take hours to prepare the PDFs from the aged originals so they are more user friendly for modern times but then they are so much nicer to use once all the work is done. 
Some of my patterns also have a recent sample image or my photo tutorial pages to help with them.

What you can expect: I always try to format the text so that the words are straight on the page. I usually enlarge them and make the background white, as often they are in teeny weeny font or on old discoloured pages. Some need lots more work than others to make them presentable; removing stains and creases and repairing the text where it has faded or been torn!

You will not find those annoying trailing few words of instruction in another column or on the next page and I may add a duplicate of any “repeat as page one” references, so you do not need to go from page to page as you are crocheting or knitting.

Lots of us carry projects about and it can be annoying to have to keep track of sheets of paper too; so my pattern pages actually numbered.( I have bought PDF patterns that have none of these basic requirements and so I know it is not good enough to plonk a scanned image of a couple of sheets.)

If you have used Mon Tricot publications patterns you will know they often have some of the best designs but can be especially tricky to follow – so I often set out the instruction text in rows rather than their rambling, interrupted columns.

I know many very competent craftspeople dread interpreting patterns and making tension gauge calculations etc. therefore I offer emailed support and answer any queries arising from using the patterns. So don't be worried if this is a new venture.

I have boxes and shelves full of patterns; I am working my way through them slowly and choosing by whim or current fancy... so ask if you are looking for something specific - I may have it. There are lots of nice reviews in the Etsy WonkyZebra shops if you need reassurance - and you can buy a pattern there, or directly from here if you have PayPal. If you prefer to use Etsy - PLEASE use the direct PayPal option if you can, as payment via EtsyPay is not ideal for me.

I am working on a complete index, but currently I have a mixture here and on my Etsy shops etc. as well as some boards on Pinterest ; so it is worth browsing around them, or asking me if you need more info.