WZB056 Crochet or Knitted Child size Ponchos
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF B0056


A pattern for two sweet and simple little fringed ponchos. Just the thing for an easy way of keeping your tiny tot warm without too much garment wrangling! Also nicely ’on trend too’ – if you are blessed with a small fashionista!


CROCHET: One poncho is made in basic crochet in 2 flat pieces from arm across front or back to other arm. Very easy to make in plain trebles (ie double crochets in USA)

KNITTED: One poncho is in fairly simple knitting; knitted in k2/p2 rib for the main part, with a striped border in a simple slip stitch. It is made hem up, also in 2 flat pieces (front and back, seamed along arms).


PLEASE NOTE: The neck openings for both ponchos are gathered with a cord tie you make from twisted yarn; you may wish to replace this with some elastic stitched in place or a couple of buttons as this could be dangerous for a small child.