WZB049 Crochet Bikini and Trunks
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF B0049

£ 2.00

CROCHET:  A simple to use pattern for sweet and simple swimwear for your little boy, little girl or toddlers. Barbara Warner patterns were always very clearly written; a refreshing change at the time (crochet was just becoming fashionable).

Make them plain or stripy- they are very easy- you could easily do a few sets for quick changes!

A few extra rows on the trunks or the bikini top and you have a hotpants and crop top outfit- or Bermuda shorts. Add a flower or a picot edges for the bikini, or a waist cord on the trunks ,to vamp them up…. they are great basics for your own creative ideas. [ If you are into altering patterns you could also substitute  a different stitch for variety as this is all in trebled (USA dc)-.