WZZ1002 Ladies 60s Jacket Car Coat
Vintage Knit Pattern PDF Z1002

£ 2.00

KNITTING: This 60s knitting pattern for a textured jacket or coat in two lengths has some gorgeous retro details. All those very  sixties style points are there; chunky buttons  on a double breasted front, a  back half  belt on the longer length or chunky pocket flaps on the jacket plus a heavy collar. The knitted texture resembles quilting and looks very stylish-not to mention warm!

The jacket length is probably the choice for today as “car coats” are less needed…although it looks like a cosy option for winter walks. Please look past the abysmal styling- a moth eaten hat, frumpy skirt and ugly shoes are not doing it any justice. Also-the “coat” needs about 8 inches (20cm) off the hem for a more flattering and wearable outline –although her shoes are much better LOL.