WZ533 Crocheted Toy Lion
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00533


CROCHET: this is an odd but cute sitting lion toy with a retro look direct from the seventies.  He is crocheted with flat front and back pieces onto a flat base i.e. not modern 3D amigurumi spiral construction) .The leg shape is applied (appliquéd ) on to the front , but it would work well with just an embroidered outline –or even just left plain.

These would make good mini pillows-or even toy skittles if weighted a little. His vintage look is very trendy at the moment so he could work as a bit of fun home decor too.

You could also adapt it as a cat shape too!

(If you like this look but prefer to use fabric, I have a wonderfully 70s sewing pattern for a lion-and some cat ones.)