WZ934 Christmas Lopi Wool Ski Sweater
Vintage Knitting Pattern 00934


KNITTING: Here is a yet another novel idea for a Christmas (or maybe and “apres-ski” ) jumper/sweater! It just goes to show that dubious taste is timeless; although at least today it is done in fun!

This one is actually quite restrained but they made up for that in the absolutely hilarious pattern leaflet image. The hapless model is artfully posed against a matching alpine scene…or is it maybe some early photo magic. Hard to believe they would design the sweater THEN go looking for the right mountain…

Now you see her-oh-now you don’t!

Either way this one is quick to make in thick Lopi style yarn and minimal intarsia…

…you could always add some little ski figures or snowmen.

 Personally, I would use this for a cushion or two and add characters; great fun for kids rooms over the winter holidays.

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