WZ726 Vintage Crochet Poncho and Knitted Ponchos
Pattern PDF 00726


CROCHET & KNITTING: A set of 3 fab ponchos to knit and crochet for woman and one also in child sizes. Luv ‘em or hate ‘em, ponchos just never (quite)go away... and are always there to tempt your knitting and crochet skills into making them.


CROCHET: A simple “V” stitch top down poncho in mother and baby sizes and  a poncho of joined motifs ( granny squares) in adult size but easy to make a small one of these too-just use less squares :)


KNITTING: An Aran knitting style of poncho; top down with a deep ribbed collar added after the main shape is finished. Quite simple as Aran goes but a little more to it than an all over stitch pattern.  Instructions for this design are written out in full, row by row…so it is clear to follow.