WZ801 Wedding Cape or Poncho
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00801

£ 2.00

CROCHET:  This stunning crochet lace cape (caplet) or short poncho is lovely for a wedding, just as shown made in delicate lace with a deep, chevron lace border. However it would also make a pretty layer for any summer event or festival.

( I think the bride is maybe heading off somewhere sunny herself, as I wouldn’t have though sunglasses part of a normal wedding ensemble ! )

It is made from the outer edge, up to the neck; so it would also be easy to stop on the shoulder line or make a deeper neck edge for winter wear. You could also make it in dark or autumn colours or stash busting mixtures… for a completely different cool weather capelet layer.


Originally from a sixties Stitchcraft / Patons magazine publication; but with a timeless in appeal. Patons also reissued it in an American booklet as a “lacy coverup”, made to open at the front… and again a few years later in the 70s made in heavier yarn as a normal length poncho ( see coloured image). So lots of room for your own take on this one! Maybe go even longer – or  maybe not… you could get a kind of mobile Christmas crochet  bell effect…


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