WZ00566 Vintage Knit Knitted Tiger
Knitting Pattern PDF 00566


KNITTING: A small tiger toy to knit-perfect for the year of the tiger 2022!

He is only 7inches high (in UK DK) made on small (old 12) needles in simple garter stitch with contrast wool stripes stitched on once he is otherwise finished.

This sweet pattern is from is a supplement in a very old woman’s magazine - titled;
“ mother; detachable supplement - fun to make gifts”.
It is charmingly old fashioned in its wording –declaring the tiger will “stalk straight into a small boy’s heart”. (but not - presumably the girls , who will be getting the mum and baby teddy combo – as in my WZ535 PDF).
We are reassured he is easy to knit –“all in garter stitch so he will be simple for mother to knit” … (ie no excuses) !

Well “mother” … you know what you have to knit now (non “mothers” included these days of course)
Tiger would make an unusual gift for baby... or a “mother” to be in this year!