WZ00543 Knitted Novelties CAMEL Poodle Cat and Balaclava
Vintage Knit Pattern PDF 00543


KNITTING: A vintage novelty knitting pattern-very eccentric eclectic set of items-presumably aimed the knitters who knit for a bazaar still !

The little toys are cute-once you get past the cats ‘evil eyes’ look in the original pattern! W hat was the maker thinking of? (I tweaked the closer view.)

Also- it is not often you find a flat camel! He could be a real favourite.

 (I have another pattern version of this cat knitted in wool not mohair-and have included images to help create a friendlier face)

The balaclavas are actually very sensible-and easy.

...You may well decide to pass on the grumpy green poodle bottle cover-the retro look has its limits...although I have seen these around recently and maybe a kitsch white or pink version...could be a winner!