WZ307 Hooded Wedding Dress
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF 00307

£ 2.00

KNITTED: A knitting pattern for a beautiful hooded wedding dress. The full sleeves, front buttoned and fitted bodice with a high waistline and soft hood all give this lovely dress a medieval feel.

The main dress is in a trinity or blackberry stitch with an open lace pattern on the deeply cuffed sleeves. (The cuff is not buttoned but could be adapted if you wanted to echo the front buttons.)

 There is a tiny amount of crochet in the edge trim-but this could be done as a knitted picot if you cannot crochet.

This is a lovely, but labour intensive stitch texture for such a large area –but you could easily substitute a different one on the main body of the garment to speed things up a little-if you wish to!)

[I apologise for the low resolution of the original photographs; I have done the best I can with them!]


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