WZ00538 Knitted Vegetables with Tutorial
Vintage Pattern PDF 00538


KNITTING:  These have all sorts of uses for play and display, even in dressing up costumes - my favourite is the string of garlic ( perfect for budding vampires ! ).

  The individual vegetables are given as simple written instructions and shown in coloured charts too (plus some WonkyZebra notes to help). I have reformatted the pattern from its original magazine pages so each item has its own clear page to work from.

However-this is not just a pattern for the specific set of vegetables shown; this is also a design tutorial for creating all sorts of 3D shapes with knitting- great for inventing all sorts of things –even creatures!

There are also detailed “how to” pages showing methods of producing a 3D shape in knitting; so taken together with the specific instructions this pattern set is all you need to create a whole field full of squashy veggies of all sorts-not just those shown.