WZ134 Granny Square Maxi Dress
Vintage Crochet PDF Pattern 00134

£ 2.00

CROCHET: An outrageous “granny square gone mad” hippy dress. Very sixties” flower power” - with a fab vintage boho look – for the beach, evening, festivals- or just relaxing or entertaining at home.

In white or cream it would make a lovely crochet wedding dress too.

It would be a great “stash buster” or you could plan your colours to blend or clash as much as you like.  Great for stepping up from granny square practice (much more glamorous than a blanket or afghan, and also quite cosy)!

Although only one size is given the dress is worked in 4ply yarn; so approached with care a thicker yarn would give a larger size.  [I don’t usually recommend altering the tension from that given in the instructions; but this is a simple fit and so it is reasonably easy to resize or custom to your own fit.]

N.B. This is a French “Mon Tricot” pattern, republished for the UK market translated into English. Sometimes terms used are a little off in translation. For example some people have erroneously assumed the top has the square appliqued onto it as there is confusion between “applied” and “inset”. The top is actually made with “hole which is filled in with a square; the square is part of the construction and not appliqued on top. Not a difficult technique but it is best to make the square first!


This magazine was also quite small and the text is set in tiny columns on a flimsy paper. For this reason I have completely reset the text to a much more workable row by row format. (I actually have had people buying mine, after trying with other copies which are just scans!)