WZ531 Doll Rabbit Teddy Cat Clown Knitted Toys
Vintage Toy Knitting Pattern PDF 00531


KNITTING: This pattern is for a simple basic body shape from which you can knit several characters; a classic doll, rabbit or teddy, plus a splendid cat and an odd looking clown! You can probably come up with more ideas as well; the method for making these is straightforward-and I have added some WonkyZebra toy making notes to help. (I always help by email if needed.)

The clown is a very retro looking thing if you are going for a “vintage style” in nursery decor, but is not generally popular toy now ( with all sorts of “horror movie” connotations)! He also looks a bit grumpy –especially for a clown, so if you do make one, try to add more of a smile!)