WZ077 Lace Bikini
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00077


CROCHET: A rather daring lace bikini from the mid 70’!

Described as “a stunning crochet bikini for sun-worshipping”, which is how they get around the problem of actually swimming (or moving at all ) in it without any unintended overexposure. LOL

It has a lovely shaped top- but a nude lining may be a good idea unless you want to keep very still once you have arranged yourself in it. The panties also have a 5 inch lace panel at the sides –that will create some interesting tan lines for you.

Straight forward instructions and so you should find it to be a quick make.

The yarn given is good old Patrons Promise -again! (Didn’t they use anything else then?).This* newly invented acrylic had a “crimped” finish (like crepe) with a slight sheen to it which they were very proud of. Nowadays I think a soft cotton or cotton synthetic or bamboo yarn would work much better !.

* Photo in my email notes.