WZ879 Sleeveless Crochet Venetian Square Waistcoat Sleeveless Coat
Vintage Pattern PDF 00879

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CROCHET: Another variation of a waistcoat (or long sleeveless coat)  to crochet using the venetian Square motif. [This is best described as a long vest /waistcoat but the pattern uses “sleeveless coat”)

Whatever you call it-this is a beautiful use of these intricate looking squares-which are surprisingly easy to crochet. They do have a complex byzantine look to them, but I prefer them in a plain yarn to the random dyed one the pattern is promoting. You could get a colourful boho look by using different colours too. .

The front falls open after the top motif, which is fastened with 3 buttons .This is an elegant style, perfect over trousers (pants) .

I have several patterns using this motif; other waistcoats are Z1023, the plain version and WZ749 which is similar but has a deep “V” neckline and a more ornate join to the squares.