WZ043 Candy Striped Knitted Bikini
Vintage Knitting PDF Pattern 00043


KNITTED: Wow- a real sixties bikini - she’s not taking any chances on catching a cold in foreign parts.

And yes, that bust looks to be all own. How refreshing.

 This softly shaped bikini top has lots of interesting   possibilities as lingerie too; as a cosy vest/camisole of soft support bra at night time! It would look cute peeping out from under something else-or made in dramatic burlesque colours.

It was knitted originally in acrylic yarn-very new then. This would not be my first choice for something you might get wet in... They got around that by calling it a suntop. However made in cotton and without the slightly “supportive underwear” garter stitch banding, it has a really interesting bust shaping- great for a fuller cup size. Maybe a bit less on the panties too, but again great for a fuller curves!

NB I have a pattern published later in a boucle cotton-which is basically a rework of this one-and it looks completely different-and you could swim in it!     WZ759