WZT1037 Action Man Doll Toy Clothes
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF T1037

£ 2.00

KNITTING: this is a great knitting pattern for action man ‘dolls’ ( and other boy dolls!). So many items you can open your own mini quartermaster or Army Surplus store.

There are different 2 sweaters, 2 variations on a trouser/pants /jog bottoms, 2 track suit top styles, a football shirt, shorts and a completely FAB and wonderfully detailed military “bomber jacket” complete with epaulettes and packets with flaps!  Oh and socks and a beret… so a whole man wardrobe covered really!

Probably all you will need to dress your action man for a variety of missions and leisure activities (although I also have other patterns).

The ski sweaters would make cute Christmas decorations too- the bomber  jacket would be a nice novelty item for anyone in the military!