WZ994 Desmond Dog Toy Knitting Pattern
Vintage Knit Pattern PDF 00994

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KNITTING: This is a very rare and unusual vintage pattern for Desmond dog. This is an old fashioned name for a lovely vintage toy; a wonderfully lifelike sitting dog.

Although the knitting is quite straightforward, I would say this is quite an advanced toy to make. However the actual knitting is easy and if you follow the directions you should be able to make this lovely dog without too much trouble. The instructions are good, and they are very detailed explanations; but there are a lot of them to follow! You will need to have some sense of the 3D shape you are assembling. ( I aim these words at those of us who tend not to read instructions and do their own thing - to make sure there is no disappointment with the pattern! )

He sits at about 2foot (60cm) from paw to head so this is quite a big toy. There is no size given –or a tension gauge to calculate it with; but I would say that from the use of the yarn in other patterns and the rows in the leg pattern, this is about the size. I include images of the wool used; it was approximately an Aran/10ply/worsted Of course a smaller toy can be obtained by using thinner yarn such as DK/ 8ply/light worsted etc..