WZT1022 Rajah Elephant
Vintage Knitting PDF Pattern T1022

£ 2.00

KNITTING: A rare find; Rajah, the nicest little vintage toy elephant with Howdah and head dress to knit.  A very simple pattern to knit... It is described as “so simple a child could make him”. I am less sure than they were that it is suitable for most of today’s children... but it is very easy knitting in garter stitch (plain) with simple shaping required.

However, considerable time and care is needed when sewing up and filling, to sculpt the knitting into a nice shape. It takes about the same amount of time as the knitting - but then so do most knitted toys LOL.

This version is retyped by me to be read row by row as you work - instead of the “stream of consciousness“ scattered columns used in very vintage patterns. Included are some of the photos I took of my elephant. [ I also have images of the flat pieces knitted - to help visualise the work in progress, just ask if you would like them included].

N.B. the panda pattern is also available, 00529