WZ529 Twin Baby Pandas from Stitchcraft
Vintage Knitting PDF Pattern 00529


KNITTING: An adorable vintage pattern for little (8inch / 20cm) knitted panda toys from a vintage Stitchcraft magazine; the boy and girl twins “Peter and Petal” are so cute together but  you can just make one if that’s all you want! They are dressed in cute little matching outfits of “ballerina skirt” or “trews”; although of course you can leave them in their pretty skins if dressed creatures are not your thing! LOL

I have completely re- typed this pattern so it reads row by row and is not the continuous stream of wrapped text as was common for this kind of magazine pattern. It is an easy make but I have added my own toy making notes and will always help by email if asked  J.

It would make a cute teddy bear as well!

 Great for making as a gift ... especially for new twins or the mummy expecting some,  LOL ...

N.B. the elephant pattern is also available, T1022