WZ532 Knitted Teddy Bear
Vintage Knit Pattern PDF 00532

£ 2.00

KNITTING: A lovely war era vintage teddy; quite an early pattern for a knitted teddy with great personality. Charming instructions are set out with little captioned images (see listing images) and helpful notes, so you can recreate this sweet old toy. This approach is very unusual for the time; patterns tended to be very basic-this author has had a fun take on writing it.

I have added more notes to the pattern to address modern needs-and cleaned up, brightened and enlarged the original old text of a much loved pattern. ( I do include images of the original for those who enjoy them too.

An easy to make “little chap” waiting to be made and loved by someone new...

It would be fun to take some photos like those in the pattern, and add them to a gift teddy as a little booklet or gift tag?