WZT1027 Bird Hot Water Bottle Covers and Mini Knitted Toys
Vintage Toy Knitting Pattern PDF T1027


KNITTING: A retro pattern for some novelty bird hot water bottle covers, and a selection of little knitted toys. This was originally the sort of pattern used or “bazaar” and fund raising… but it is a cute set for your little ones too.

The clown is just a good basic “first doll” shape and can easily be customised as any doll – not necessarily into a clown, as they are not so fashionable now. The tiny mouse (mice) is a good pram or buggy toy - or for throw and catching play. Mary and her lamb are so cute; perfect for storytelling and nursery rhyming play; and just the right size for little hands as comfort or pocket dolls.

They would make sweet nursery décor too, on a shelf, mobile or even framed.

( Not slightly scary crow and owl so much LOL - maybe a bit of modifying needed there - but the basic cosy shapes are great. ) Maybe they would be good for a Halloween sleepover though…