WZ514 Happy Circus Toys Patterns
PDF Vintage Knit Knitting Knitted Pattern 00514

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KNITTING: Four characters perfect for staging your own thrilling “big top” events, or these four lovely circus themed toys are indeed a  group of “happy toys” as described in this vintage magazine pattern! All the fun of the circus - or the fair for that matter J

You may want ringmaster or lady acrobat to have a complete troupe... but either monkey or clown could be made as these without too much redesign effort. (Or there are lots of lovely knitted dolls in the WonkyZebra shop too! )

Of course, any one of the monkey, elephant lion or clown toys would make a special friend by itself (they are still happy adventuring on their own!)

This was originally from a vintage magazine so I have considerably enhanced the pages for easier knitting. I have also included larger print pages as well as a one page printing option original size.