WZ468 Marchmont Hare Bunny Rabbit
Vintage Knit Pattern PDF 00468


KNITTING: Here is a solid, “no nonsense” kind of chap to make; not at all the usual “mad” March hare!

Marchmont Hare is one character from a set of three “woodland toys”  from a 1973 Family Circle magazine. ( His mates being equally unusual “Solomon Owl” and “Nutty Squirrel”, also available in my shop ).  His retro appearance makes him an unusual and quirky addition to any toymaker or knitter’s repertoire.

He has a very expressive face and lovely head shape, which would also be good as a base shape for a rabbit or a variety of anthropomorphic toys. His knitted on clothing in different textures gives him a very quirky vintage look; especially his boots! However he could be knitted in one colour for a (relatively) more natural appearance.