WZZ1008 Boho Crochet Wedding Dress and Bridal Cape
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF Z1008


CROCHET: This is a beautiful romantically vintage wedding dress and bridal cape. Worn together they give a quite Boho / vintage look; however the actual dress is very simple. The bodice had plain skirt (above the hem frill) have that elegant in late 60s style to them.

The crochet dress would look lovely on its own as a maxi dress for any summer event, or it would adapt very easily into a short dress.

The cape would also have a more modern styling made even shorter as a capelet; ending about the end of the second “tier” shown in the photo. It is crocheted down from the neck so adjusting it to your preference is easy.

The bodice is added onto the completed skirt which is crocheted downwards-and for once adjustment/expected amount of “drop” are included in the instructions!

This is a simple pattern so any crocheter should fell able to attempt this one for her wedding!

This pattern is part of a set aimed at a younger /  ”mod” market like the “surfer set” patterns. It is printed in turquoise ink with heats and swirls…and a glamorous James Bond setting instead of a church garden…

(The crochet headband pictured in the pattern is no longer available, but I have similar you are welcome to, with this pattern ).


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