WZB0011 Three Pretty Baby Blankets or Shawls
PDF Vintage 60s Knit and Crochet Pattern B0011

£ 2.00

Three blankets that can be made in 4 ply or double knitting –examples of sizes and hooks etc. in photos.

KNITTED: One in knitting only; a simple but very pretty baby blanket, which is soft enough to use as a shawl. It is knitted in a checkerboard of plain and reversed stocking(ette) stitch with a delicate eyelet hole design on alternate squares.

CROCHET & KNITTING: The second blanket is crocheted in a beautiful crochet flower square design made from individual motifs. It is made in the “join-as-you-go” crochet method and is quite robust enough to use as a blanket on its own. However it is shown backed with a piece of plain knitting with a moss (seed) stitch border to enhance the design. Originally this would also have been to add some warmth and stability if used as a pram cover.

CROCHET: The third one is a lightweight blanket- more of a shawl really- in a very simple design block/plain row pattern, with an easy shell lace border.

Think outside the box -and imagine the crochet motif design made in bright or pastel colours like a flower granny square blanket! The knitted blanket would make a beautiful light lapghan for an invalid or elderly person.