WZZ1334 Three Vintage Tea Cosies
Knitting and Crochet Vintage Pattern PDF Z1334


KNITTING and CROCHET: Three very vintage and very fancy tea cosies, 2 to knit and one to crochet.

KNITTING: two of the cosies (A and B) are knitted and have a matching base or “nest” to insulate the underside of the pot.

They are both quirky and uncommon designs; “A” is especially different with garter stitch ribs between honeycomb textured panels.

the crinoline doll cosy is done in a loop stitch-not with a pretty skirt as usual; I think the doll would not be missed with this exuberant texture-just top it with more loops or a pompom if you do not have a doll handy.

CROCHET: the crochet cozy looks more traditional, and is made by crocheting “frills” into the plain stitches of the sides once they have been made in plain crochet.

All designed for maximum pot warmth retention!