WZZ1068 Two Thirties Shrug Bed Jackets
Vintage Knit Pattern PDF Z1068


KNITTING: Two glamorous vintage bed jackets or wraps; very simple but very stylish.

Both are knitted in delicate yarn in wrapped and dropped stitches to form a delicate lacy texture. (See photo here).

Style one (in blue) is a shrug style with ribbed cuffs, in a wavy stitch. Style two (in pink) is a wrap shape gathered into a neat band of ribbing and buttoned to the front of the waist then trimmed with a crochet edging. The styling is very 1930sand 40s; I have two versions of this lovely pattern and it is interesting to see the difference in hairstyles and the more structured nightwear of the later one-nearer to the 1940s.( I have included both cover images; the instructions are exactly the same.)