WZZ1053 Two Bed Shrugs
one Knit and one Crochet PDF Patterns Z1053


CROCHET: (in blue) This bed shrug is crocheted in a “Solomon’s knot” type of crochet stitch giving an open and airy texture which is light but warm as a bed jacket but would be also cosy for daywear. The cuffs are plain with a pretty wrist frill in the lace stitch.

KNITTING: (in pink) This is a delicate and very feminine bed shrug. The stitch looks intricate but is made in simple eyelet and dropped stitch row lace and the cuffs are also worked in a pretty lace instead of the more usual ribbing. The bedjacket is dainty but could be worn for warmth in the daytime in the right colour. The stitch would work well as a scarf or wrap too.