WZZ1038 Lace Shrug Bedjacket
Vintage Knit Pattern PDF Z1038


KNITTING: A pretty lace version of the classic shrug. Knitted from cuff to cuff for a casual easy to wear garment.

The lace stitch is easy and quick to knit on quite large needles for the yarn weight, giving an airy open texture. Each edge is made with a garter stitch (plain) bit which make a neck and hem border. You can adjust the amount closed up as a “sleeve”, to your own preference.

This makes a great gift for anyone who has difficulty dressing but made in heavier weight and fashionable colours it looks good as a modern daywear/cardigan shrug too.

If you want a plainer version of this style, my WZ961 or Z1011 may be a better one for you.



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