WZZ1023 Venetian Square Sleeveless Vest Coat Waistcoat
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF Z1023


CROCHET: This elegant piece of fabulous early 70’s crochet design from Lister will be so useful in your wardrobe. As they have carefully shown- it will be perfect for a cool intellectual music appreciation night-or an equally cool day at the beach!

This long waistcoat/ vest (or gilet!) is made in “Venetian square” crocheted motifs. This unusual motif pops up in all sorts of crochet items around that time; initially in tiny intricate doily mats but later clothing and even baby blankets (I have many of them-just ask if interested!). It looks intricate when the squares are set together but it is very easy to construct.

For today I can see this style as great for mid season layering-easily varied in length by adding or omitting rows of motifs. It would also be very cute made a much shorter as a bolero for festival wear (and stunning as a long, sleeveless, boho style wedding coat). I also have another version of this with even larger motifs, less edge to the squares and a “V” neckline-(see my WZ749). Just ask if you would like this as a free extra.