WZT1071 Novelty Snow Dome Tea Cosy Cozy
Vintage Knit Pattern PDF T1071


KNITTING: this is a quirky offering from a vintage Patons gift booklet; a rare tea cosy design made to look like a snowy hill, with four little children on sledges – or “toboggans” sledging down it. ( 2 on either side.)

 The tea cozy structure is a “pop over” dome - knitted flat in a wide rib stitch pattern with one seam, gathered to a snowball pompom.

It could be done as bob sleigh or ski runs for enthusiasts of those sports! Small dolls on sledges or toboggans are added as decoration ( 2 shown but 4 are placed around).

Both the cosy and the dolls are nice as individual items!

This is a great winter novelty and ideal for all sorts of winter sports enthusiasts who may enjoy a hot pot of tea... or even a warm novelty hat!