WZB142 Granny Square Baby Blanket
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF B0142

£ 2.00

CROCHET: An easy, simple and bright crochet “granny square” baby blanket for use in a cot-or anywhere for baby to keep cosy in retro style!

The motif square is a slight variation on the usual granny square; a solid, one colour, border gives it consistency and impact. (Of course it need not be made in ‘shocking pink’ LOL)

However, the unifying edge means it is good for stash busting as it ties everything together!

Maybe one to try if you have mastered the basic /traditional granny square. It makes a lovely gift for a new baby; your own or someone else’s! A little family heirloom piece for later on J

I can send a granny square tutorial too; ask if you need one)