WZ992 Sixties Fairisle Hot Pants and Tank
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF 00992


KNITTING: A funky sixties hotpants set of shorts and tank top in Fair Isle colourwork.  Both garments can be made in either one plain colour or the in the fair isle design (worked from a CHART) although both of them in colours may be a bit tooo much! The colour work is not too difficult; the many coloured effect is created with a multi-coloured yarn –like some sock wools etc. so there are only 2 colours in any one row.

They have ribbed knitting bands to their edges (and forming the straps. The top has an overlapped “opening” with 2 tiny buttons, on the welt which you can hardly see this on the image, so I have made a better image crop in the PDF.

Either piece looks particularly amazing in these colours! Talk about attention grabbing- I would say they would be quite mesmerising :)  !!

PS – try not to wear a back to front blouse with it… that really would be just a sixties thing!

This chart would also make a great cushion cover too!