WZ988 Sixties Continental Style Suit Crochet Suit Braid Edging Jacket and Skirt
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00988


CROCHET: This is the iconic suit of the sixties - made famous by French couture and adopted everywhere, including by yarn manufactures in the form of knitting and crochet patterns.

This is a particularly close version to the famous classic shapes…with bold gilt buttons and  chunky crochet braid edging to front, neck and cuffs, threaded with velvet ribbon.

The stitch pattern is a 3 stitch group pattern which is very similar to a block pattern, so gives  a neat all over texture. Instructions are given for crocheting the chunky contrast edging, which then has narrow velvet ribbon threaded through it. You can really create the authentic vintage look for yourself with this pattern; a yarn with a slight boucle finish would be even more accurate!

 (I have many more like this if this is not quite what you are looking for –just browse the shop here, or my pinterest board.)

N.B. There is no mention of a lining but in those times a slip, or at the very least a half slip, would have been the norm. If you do not usual wear one you may wish to consider lining the skirt to avoid overstretching the crochet fabric, or choose a very robust non stretch yarn, as used originally.