WZ982 Two Hot Water Bottle Covers
Vintage Knit Pattern PDF 00982

£ 2.00

KNITTING: A very vintage knitting pattern for two beautiful hot water bottle covers from 1935. Both of the two designs are in 4ply; giving a dainty covering which insulates without too much weight; perfect for invalids and for refined ladies of delicate constitution.

One design is in a pretty diamond lattice stitch pattern, with garter stitch borders; the second is in an easy offset rib stitch pattern. Both styles have the top of the bottle covered in a shaped piece, with the opening (for insertion) along the bottom of the cover.

The instructions are very good; clear, row by row, in plain (if vintage!)English.

Hot water bottles are always a handy thing-and these covers –or cosies, make lovely handmade gifts [and are good for authentic cosplay props].