WZ977 Bulky Crochetted Vest Waistcoat Woman Unisex Cosy Jacket Chunky Gilet
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00977

£ 2.00

CROCHET:  A quick and cosy vest/waistcoat, vintage-but still current- crochet pattern. Thick yarn and a textured front post , or back post,  stitch create a highly textured crochet fabric .This is  warm but not necessarily heavy, if you use a similar yarn to the original which had bulk but was very light. Perfect for working out in the fresh air!

The pattern is written for women but would also work for a man with reversed button positions, as the shape is straight to the armhole; the shaped waist in the photo is created with a belt! This is a great little ‘lumbar’ jacket as an extra layer where you need it, for outdoor types!

[The increments for the 4 sizes are thoroughly explained in separate text as you go; so it would be easy to see how to go up a size or two if needed.]