WZ975 Car Coat Crochet Jacket and Waistcoat Vest
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00975

£ 2.00

CROCHET: winter is coming… so here is a good pattern to cover you (literally!) for a variety of temperatures; a soft crocheted “car coat” and waistcoat. AKA a long lightweight jacket and a soft openwork vest-both in a bulky but lightweight wool. The pattern is rather an odd combination of garments; the only link being the yarn itself. However both are very nice!

The car coat; named for those days of popping in and out of the car, for driving rather than serious walking requiring a heavy “sensible” coat.  This one is shown in a 2 row stripe in the shell stitch; but it looks good in just one colour too (see other photo) and the length is easy to alter for a perfect custom fit.

The waistcoat or vest is in a large scale crochet lace stitch pattern-so it will be a warm layer without too much weight of yarn. It is also quick to make as there are not that many rows for the size, LOL.

I have reset the text so you can print either one on its own-and the vest also has a one page or 2 page options for printing.