WZ962 Bed Jacket and matching Baby Jacket
Vintage Knitted Pattern PDF 00962

£ 2.00

KNITTED:  A cute concept; a matching mum and baby jacket combo! This is a pretty bedjacket to keep a new mum cosy in vintage style: and a little matching matinee jacket for baby .

It would make for some cute photos, and would be an unusual baby shower gift (even assembled as a waiting time “kit”!!) and maybe or even for a “grandma- to- be” gift.

On a more practical note-either item is a good shape and stitch pattern –for a baby and for a lady of any age-with or without a delightful baby accessory J

It is made hem up in an reasonably straightforward (but impressive looking) 4 row lace stitch pattern. Then the yoke is worked all around seamlessly (very comfortable to wear) in really easy garter stitch (all knit rows). This is a lot of stitches to a round, but a perfect end to the project with easy knitting to do whilst maybe watching TV or for a journey.