WZ960 Sixties Circular Lace Bedjacket
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00960

£ 2.00

CROCHET: A pattern for a very pretty piece of iconic sixties crochet; a full flared shape jacket, worked from a yoke.

The yoke is made double (straightforward to crochet as a folded disc), then the body and full sleeves are worked down from it in a simple open shell pattern so it is frothy but not bulky.

It is finished with a satin “pussycat bow” for a feminine, lingerie garment in true mid-sixties style.

With this construction you could also stop at a short cape with a little adaptation, instead of making the deeper length version with sleeves. If made like that in heavier yarn it could even work for an outdoor wear capelet.

The original print on this leaflet is tiny, so - although I have enlarged it into my normal PDF format - you may still find it small when working. I also have a more enlarged version which you may have - but it prints to 9 pages. Please just ask if you would like both PDFs.