WZZ00920 Mary Quant Crochet and Knitting designer stockings hat skirt bonnet and jumper ensemble
Vintage Sixties Pattern PDF 00920


CROCHET AND KNITTING: A fabulous and rare designer pattern created by iconic sixties fashion guru - Mary Quant. She was totally innovative and caused much scandal-not least for her miniskirts. This outfit is quite conservative for her-one of a few patterns she designed for Patons, to promote their new synthetic yarn “Courtelle”.

This ensemble may be a bit full on 60s dressing up worn all together but individual pieces are still wearable. An unusual use of mixed crochet and knitting for a fresh take on the sweater… and those lace crochet sleeves speed up the making!

Matching and totally fab stockings - very easy and quick to crochet in this open lace stitch. I am not sure stockings are the way to go under a tight knitted skirt… but as stockings go they are wonderful.

The little “baby bonnet hat” would certainly stay on - so you can be cosy and your coiffure contained on windy mornings… in the knowledge you are totally rocking a retro look –although it may look a little eccentric to non fashionistas.

So - altogether a cute little piece of history that is still useful