WZ909 Novelty Christmas Jumper Ski Sweater
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF 00909

£ 2.00

KNITTING : I can hardly believe Jaeger, a house renowned for subtle elegance, would produce a pattern like this… but it was the eighties!  There is a reason some call them “ugly Sweaters” now…. but this is less actually garish than some and a nice little snow scene now novelty Christmas sweaters are so well established as holiday wear.

In fact the amusing Christmas jumper seems to be a charity “fund raising must have” all over in the seasonal holidays – it is almost obligatory if you are in the UK of course!

So – snowy hills- Christmas fir trees- snowflakes…yes it is “beginning to look” like Christmas-if you have to knit it in time:)

The trees and scene are in knitted with intarsia technique; the snowflakes are Swiss darned (embroidered) on after knitting…a chart is included.

(The chart can also be used for cross stitch –or some fab Christmas cushions… just a thought!)

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