WZ907 Knitted Crinoline and Crescent Plus Chunky Crochet Tea Cosy
Vintage Knitting and Crochet Pattern PDF 00907


KNITTING AND CROCHET:  this is a very old vintage tea cosy pattern from Bestway ( Bestway B2501).

The original pattern is a tiny (5x8 inch) flimsy leaflet and very charming –but I have enlarged and reformatted it so it is easier to use.

The chunky crochet cosy (actually but shown in 2 colourways ) is a real jiffy make for practicality and probably designed for everyday kitchen use.

The knitted cosies are “pop over” versions. (I prefer this style as it means no drips on your lovely work and you can see the teapot as you pour!)

The doll topped crinoline version is also a 30s favourite;  clearly “for best” it shows off dainty stitches over a knitted lining made in quick garter stitch (all plain rows).It would also work very well without a doll, if one is not to hand LOL-or you can make one from modelling clay  or upcycle an unwanted teen doll?)

The second knitted one is in a dashingly “modern” art deco style-classic 30s styling, with radial harlequin segments - which gives lots of scope for playing with colours.

This is such a nice pattern for adding a genuine the vintage touch to your home.