WZ861 70s Knitted Mon Tricot Bandeau Halter Bikini
Vintage Pattern PDF 00861


KNITTED: A very simple but sexy knitted bikini; some seventies French chic from this vintage Mon Tricot pattern*. It has quite a deep hip seam, similar to modern “boy pants” or “high waist” bikinis. The top is halfway between a halter and bandeau shape. The bandeau is caught in the middle of the front with a garter stitch band; giving a similar effect to a halter tie; however this detail is not actually structurally supportive. They do suggest sewing grosgrain (firmly woven) ribbon on the mid bust attachment point to reinforce it.

If you need a halter as support, I would face the entire strap or make it in double crochet (UK,  or Single crochet USA) which would look similar but has much less give to it. It is made in a simple knit fabric with a plain/purl textured stripe detail similar to garter stitch, giving a very effective corded or ridged look to it.

*N.B. Mon Tricot patterns were usually in very small font and set in columns of continuous wrapped text to fit the small magazine format.  As this is often a pain to work from I enlarge and re-space mine into “working” rows with corrected translation of any odd terms they hold. So don’t be put off if you have tried them before and found them eye straining or obscure!