WZ860 Rainbow BIKINI Mon Tricot Magazine
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00860


CROCHET: A very simple skimpy bikini – French chic for the beach to make for yourself from this vintage Mon Tricot pattern*. Shown here very effectively in rainbow bands; but of course it is just as nice made in one colour or differently striped. It would be a good stash buster for cotton oddments…( or , you know the time you just had to buy a ball of each colour because you couldn’t choose LOL).

[WonkyZebra thinks black and white would also look pretty fab!]

The plaited cord “ties” are just decorative on the hip and front;  you could add sea shells or beads to them or use other trimming - or none, just as you please.  *N.B. Mon Tricot patterns were usually in very small font and set in columns of continuous wrapped text to fit the small magazine format.   As this is often a pain to work from I enlarge and re-space mine into “working” rows with corrected translation of any odd terms they hold. So don’t be put off if you have tried them before and found them eye straining or obscure!