WZ846 Pink Beach Outfit Bikinis Coverup Robe
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00846

£ 2.00

CROCHET: A fun beach set of 2 bikini tops, bikini bottoms and a cover up robe that can be worn in several ways; as different dresses or as a skirt. To be honest it is a lot of crocheting for the skirt/robe in these days of easy shopping, but the bikinis are fab! They are 1970s Mon Tricot designs and have a great “continental” fit and unusual colour work!  One set is made with a very unusual diagonal stripe on the panties and on the gathered rectangles of the bra top. The second mix and match top has bra cups worked around in a spiral multi-coloured swirl; quite eye-catching ( or could be eye wrenching in some colours so choose carefully, LOL ).   Mon Tricot patterns can be strange compared to modern ones –but I will be happy to answer email queries if you need help with it.