WZ820 Seventies Knitted Fringed Frond Poncho
PDF Vintage Knit Knitting Pattern 00820


KNITTING: There is a lot going on in this knitted poncho. This unusual knitted poncho is beautifully shaped in plain knitting with a coloured, rippled band of garter stitch as a textured highlight.

It has a zipped neckline and the most extraordinary trim of knitted fronds or fringing around the neckline and hem. The fronds are simple to do- just cast on, knit a bit, cast off-etc! So effective!

To me it is vaguely plant like-it could easily convert to a flower [or “Triffid”] costume with green fronds and pretty flower colours! (Or is that just me? :J )

Of course you could make it without the frond collar…seems a shame not to make it though. LOL.