WZ802 Crochet Poncho and Knit Poncho
Vintage Crochet & Knitting Pattern PDF 00802

£ 2.00

CROCHET & KNITTING: This vintage poncho pattern contains 2 simple ponchos to make. One is the very popular crochet poncho featured on some blogs - the other knitted in a feather and fan stitch.

The crochet poncho is a classic form, with bands of simple plain crochet interspersed with rows of spaces. It is very easy to crochet and although it is shown in one colour it lends itself very well to the famous multi-coloured stash busting version. I have seen many variations now on this original vintage pattern; and it looks great either way.

It is worked as 2 pieces but I have added notes for making it ‘in the round’ as one piece. Also I have added notes on how to follow vintage patterns. It is very east crocheting once you get into it! I also support the patterns and will answer email queries-no matter how basic.

The knitted poncho is very pretty too in a textured ripple stitch - but it will take longer to make LOL.